Dededo mayor’s office starts cleaning up dump in Wusstig road

Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares and her team took action in cleaning up Wusstig Road.

In response to the illegal dumping videos rending in social media, Dededo Mayor Melissa Savares and her team took action in cleaning up Wusstig Road yesterday.

Savares and her team went down the known illegal dumpsite to remove the existing items. Savares points out that she and her staff have been actively doing their best to clean up as much as they can. But with limited funding and resources, it’s been challenging.

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“Our concern is that, yesterday, when we came and we were made aware of items that were brought over the weekend after the cars were removed, we came yesterday to assess and see what kind of damage or what kind of items were brought out and dumped. We found a vehicle with two young guys dropping buckets of old paint and that’s very discouraging. My staff even said to them that, ‘This is your home! This is where you live! Don’t do this!’ But they didn’t listen,” Savares said.

She added: “With the limited resources that we have, we ask residents to please take ownership of what you have. The government tries to do what we can but we’ve all got limited resources. I feel sorry for my colleagues in the south where they can only remove 20 cars in some cases. Lucky, we were able to remove a hundred but that’s not enough.”

The Guam Environmental Protection Agency recently approved an allocation under the Recycling Revolving Fund to remove junk from the different villages.