Dededo pool shut down again; officials conducting assessment

The Dededo pool remained closed after a follow-up assessment Saturday morning. (PNC photo)

Public Health officials were at the Dededo public swimming pool today conducting a full assessment of the facility’s filtration system.

The pool has been shut down since Friday.

The Department of Parks and Recreation, along with their contractor, opted to voluntarily shut down the pool, after Public Health inspections deemed the water greenish and murky.

The pool remained closed after a follow-up assessment Saturday morning.

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It all began when Sen. Regine Biscoe Lee got a complaint last week from a swim coach, saying the water was not clear, and that a swimmer had bumped his head on the pool wall because of the turbidity.

Biscoe Lee wrote a letter to Public Health requesting the inspection Friday, which eventually led to the closure around 4 pm that day.

While at the pool today for the inspection, Parks and Rec Deputy Director Victor Villagomez told PNC News that the department is working with its partners to resolve the issues.

“It’s been pretty good actually. We’ve had a few meetings with our oversight chair Senator Kelly Marsh Taitano. We’ve been engaging in very good meetings as far as the pool is concerned, trying to find solutions and just trying to move forward from this,” Villagomez said.

Parks & Rec officials could not say for sure when the pool would reopen.

One of the items that could be causing the issues is the sand in the filtration system, which is supposed to be changed every two to three years.

There’s no cost estimate on purchasing a new filtration system and the product would likely have to be imported.