Defense Act passes

(US Department of Defense)

Specifically, $816.7 billion will go toward Department of Defense programs, according to documents, about $30.3 billion will go toward national security programs, and $378 million will be used for defense-related activities.

According to ABC Action News, “The NDAA will fund new military weapons purchases, increase pay for service members, and add more support for Ukraine and Taiwan.”

The bill passed with an 83-11 vote and in order to win the support of the Republican party for the bill, the Democrats agreed to the demands to get rid of the requirement for service members to get a COVID-19 vaccination.

The NDAA authorizes funding for the U.S. Armed Forces, military construction and housing, weapons systems and modernization, equipment and training, and health care for the military.

For example, the bill will do the following, authorize the procurement of various items, including destroyers and aircraft; requires the Army and the Navy to jointly carry out a pilot program to evaluate the feasibility of using data recorders to monitor the operation of military tactical vehicles; requires the Government Accountability Office to report to Congress recommendations for improving the retention and recruitment of members who specialize in Army air and missile defense systems, and requires the Army to implement the recommendations; provides statutory authority for April 27, 2021, executive order raising the minimum wage for the employees of federal contractors among others.

In a statement made by Representative Adam Smith, Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee he explains that the bill supports the largest pay raise since 2007 for service members, authorizes historic funding to the Historically Black Colleges and Universities driving research in science and technology, and sustains America’s innovation edge. It also expands cooperation with key allies and partners that share our values and ensures our national security policies align with our priorities, taking essential steps to address civilian harm.

Additionally, This legislation also delivers results for survivors of sexual assault in the military by further expanding reforms to the Uniform Code of Military Justice and reflects the values of the United States by creating a Civilian Protection Center of Excellence.

Furthermore, the bill increases America’s total national security budget by about 10% from the previous year compared to other countries whose budget isn’t as nearly as high as ours.

Abc Action News provided additional context into our defense expenditures compared to other countries, “The chart shows our country spending on defense than these 9 countries combined. China had the second-highest military spending in 2021, 293 billion dollars.”

For Guam, the bill requires the secretary of defense along with other federal agencies to update the integrated master infrastructure plan to support the defense of Guam as well as requiring the designation of a senior DOD individual to be responsible for the missile defense acquisition and sustainment for Guam.

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