Defense focuses on Taitano’s ‘sweet’ deal with the government in Castro murder case

Defense attorney Thomas Fisher argues on behalf of his client Joshia Palacios in the Keith Castro murder case. (Media pool photo)

On the hook for the murder of Keith Castro, alleged gunman Joshua Palacios’ attorney picked away at the credibility of the government’s star witness.

Defense attorney Thomas Fisher was on a mission to point out that Thomas Taitano is receiving a sweet deal as the government’s main witness in the Keith Castro murder case.

Fisher pointed out several times that Taitano’s deal with the government means that he would only plead guilty to one count of aggravated assault and one count of criminal mischief in exchange for his cooperation with the government.

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Fisher asked: “Is it your understanding, sir, that if you did not or do not identify Joshua Palacios as the shooter, you may be prosecuted for crimes?” Taitano answered: “Yes.”

Following the shooting, Taitano was on the run for five days. During that time, he committed other crimes related to the aggravated assault of two other individuals and criminal mischief.

But the deal with the government calls for the dismissal of those charges. The deal also calls for a sentence of 5 years’ incarceration all but 18 months suspended for his role in Castro’s murder. Fisher pointed out that this means he is scheduled for release in February.



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