Defense rests in GHURA trial; jury member disqualified

Atty. Curtis Van De Veld moves to disqualify juror number 4.

Did former GHURA board members David Sablan, Cecile Suda, and Roland Selvidge violate open government law and commit official misconduct? Well, that will soon be up to a jury to decide.

All three defendants rested their case in Superior Court Judge Anita Sukola’s courtroom this morning but sparks were ignited over a look a juror gave legal counsel Curtis Van De Veld during yesterday’s proceedings.

“I move to disqualify juror number 4 following the scolding of me relative to the playback of the audio of what happened on December 27, 2011. During the playback, he was consistently looking at me with a disapproving facial expression and this occurred a number of times more than half a dozen times and I believe that he has been prejudiced,” Van De Veld said.

As a result, Juror 4 was relieved of duty and replaced with alternate juror number 1.

With the defense rested, Judge Sukola gave the jurors the rest of the day off, indicating that she would be going over jury instructions with legal counsels on Monday followed by closing arguments to be held on Oct. 30 at 1 p.m.

This is the first of three cases in the conspiracy to allegedly violate the open government law. Following this trial will be that of defendants John Ilao and Deanne Torre.


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