Oklahoma Senator’s “Back in Black” Deficit Reduction Plan Calls for Elimination of Guam Buildup


Washington D.C. – Oklahoma Republican Senator Dr. Tom Coburn  is calling for the elimination of all funding for the Guam military buildup as part of his $9-trillion dollar deficit reduction plan he has dubbed “Back in Black.”

Page 128 of his 621 page plan refers to the cancellation of the Guam buildup.

Senator Coburn cites recent reports which have projected the cost of the Guam buildup could exceed $23-billion and as a result he recommends that  “troops could be maintained in the continental United States at far lower cost.”

READ the announcement of Senator Coburn’s budget deficit report on the Senator’s website & click on the links to view the report. Scroll to page 128 of the report to view the recommendation on the Guam buildup.

Coburn concludes that “The strategic rationale for maintaining conventional ground troops in the middle of Western Europe and on islands in Asia has passed given the end of the Cold War.”