Delay in COVID-19 test results; storage capacity for tests already reached


Due to the large number of samples submitted for COVID-19 testing to the Guam Public Health Laboratory (GPHL), the Department of Public Health and Social Services is informing patients that there will be a delay in issuing individual test results.

“Getting patients accurate and timely results remains a priority for the department,” DPHSS Acting Director Art San Agustin said in a Joint Information Center release.

“Patients can expect to receive their results within seven days. The most vulnerable, including health care workers and those who are close contacts to a positive case, are prioritized,” San Agustin added.

Earlier this week, JIC announced that patients can opt to receive their COVID-19 test results via DPHSS’ Guam Community Health Center (CHC) secure email service by sending a request to Further instructions will be provided via email to patients before COVID-19 test results are sent.

However, DPHSS advises the public that the CHC COVID-19 secure email address is utilized to only send test results to patients. If you have other inquiries about COVID-19 testing, you can visit the DPHSS website at or call 311 from a local number and dial option 1.

Patients who have not received their results within seven days may also contact the Northern Region Community Health Center (NRCHC) at 635-7525/6.

Public Health has not been able to release COVID-19 tests results in a timely, regular manner due to the surge in people wanting to be tested.

Last Saturday, for instance, DPHSS registered the highest number of tests in a single day as almost 1,500 people got tested for COVID-19. Because of the high number, Public Health had to release the test results in batches.

PNC sources said there have also been reports of nurse shortages and certain chemicals needed for COVID-19 testing and processing.