Delay in Electronic Monitoring Program due to non-receipt of allotment


Supreme Court Chief Justice Maraman in a letter to Speaker BJ Cruz shares that a lack of funding will delay the implementation of a program that could save the government millions.

Guam In the 2018 fiscal year budget the Judiciary of Guam was allotted $551,966.00 to implement an Electronic Monitoring Program a program that could save the government $4,000,000.00. According to Spokesperson Shawn Gumataotao since October 2017 the Judiciary has been preparing for the implementation.

“But without any sort of cash to support it makes it absolutely difficult but we are pushing ahead with our policy. To create the policy that is going to be used by the judicial officers, by the probation officers and how we would use that to support the pre-trial reform efforts here at the judiciary,” states Gumataotao.

To date 6,116,008.00 or 66% of the total funding for branch operations has been received and while personnel and utilities are taken cared of their cash position for the second quarter is restricting them from issuing the request for proposal for necessary equipment and services needed for the electronic monitoring program. As mentioned earlier, the total amount appropriated for the program’s implementation is $551,966.00 but the availability of that funding cannot be verified.

Gumataotao re-iterates that, “Chief Justice states pretty clearly that without the cash we cannot implement the program fully. So once we received the allotment and again working with the department of administration to ensure that we have the allotment for not just the operations at the court but in anticipation of the electronic monitoring program its absolutely critical to know that its not saying that we will not be doing it, its just that its delayed.”

The Judiciary is working with the Department of Administration to ensure they will continue to get disbursements But at this time Chief Justice Maraman informed Speaker BJ Cruz that there will be a delay in initiating new locally funded programs.

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Jolene Toves
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