Delay in Shipments to Guam Not Uncommon


Merchandisers who were expecting a shipment next week will have to wait a little longer for their goods after a Matson ship experienced structural damage recently.


Guam – Foreign ports are most affected by the on-going labor disputes at major West Coast ports. Ships to Guam and Hawaii have been exempted from suspensions in operations so far.

However another issue will delay a shipment to Guam by about a week. Matson over the weekend announced that one of its ships is undergoing repairs so shipments that were expected to arrive on that ship next Wednesday won’t be here until the following week.

“I don’t believe at this point we’re at a point of panic or concern,” Port Authority General Manager Joanne Brown said on the issue. “Some of the perishable goods are going to be flown into Guam.”

Brown also says its fairly common for ships to be delayed by a week or two.

“If you have inclement weather here on Guam or in other locations that might be on the shipping route its not unusual for the shipments to be delayed,” Brown told PNC.

The Port Authority has already begun planning for the arrival of the ship, as there will be more goods arriving on March 4th than originally anticipated.

“We’re gonna have to double up our efforts to unload cargo,” Brown said.

PNC also spoke with Chamber of Commerce President David Leddy today he says the chamber is keeping an eye on the labor negotiations on the West Coast. While he says the situation is worrisome, he says it’s the delay caused by ship repairs that’s more concerning for businesses right now.