VIDEO: Delegate Candidate Blas Declares His “Contract With the People of Guam”


Guam – Congressional candidate Frank Blas Jr. announced this morning [Thursday] that he has signed what he called his “Contract With the People of Guam”.

Blas said the contract commits him to taking a number of actions within the first 100 days of his term, if he is elected to Congress.

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Among those actions is what the Congressman called a 3-pronged approach to getting Guam’s agenda addressed in Washington.

Among the steps he promised are to “introduce legislation to legislation to recognize the suffering our people of Guam endured during World War II”; and to introduce legislation to allow a Philippine and a China visa waiver.

READ the release from Senator Blas in FULL below:

October 25, 2012- Congressional Candidate Frank Blas Jr. today signed a “Contract With the People of Guam” that commits him to taking numerous actions on behalf of our community within the first 100 days of his term in Congress.

In the contract, he detailed his three-prong approach to getting Guam’s agenda moved forward in Washington D.C.

“Because Guam’s Delegate to Congress currently has no voting power on the floor, innovative means must be used to gain support for legislation to help Guam,” Blas stated in his contract. “I will use a three-pronged approach to bring effectiveness to our representation and to leverage support for our island’s needs.”

The “Contract with the people of Guam” includes very specific actions that Congressional Candidate Frank Blas Jr. will take within the first 100 days of his term in Congress. The actions will be on issues such as War Survivor Recognition, Veterans Issues, Tourism concerns, Compact Impact, Healthcare, Economic Development, Military Buildup, Education, and Congressional Committees.

“Leaders don’t look for excuses, they get things done!” Blas said. “That’s why this Contract With the People of Guam is important so that our people know that I am ready to get the job.”

Blas further added: “We need a representative who can personally relate to our difficulties. We need representation with fresh ideas and proven abilities. We need a strong voice in Washington. I firmly believe that I am that person and I am asking for our people’s vote on November 6th.

A copy of the contract is attached. For more information, please contact Patrick Bamba at 687-2870.