Delegate-elect San Nicolas reports to the Capitol


Guam – Getting to know you. That’s what it’s about in our nation’s capital this week for Guam Congressman-elect Michael F.Q. San Nicolas and the freshman class of the US House and Senate, following general election victories across the country.

For the time being, Democratic Senator San Nicolas remains a member of the Guam Legislature. But that all changes in January when he becomes Guam’s sole nonvoting delegate to the US House of Representatives.

Newly elected US senators and congressional representatives are getting to know one another, picking out homes and offices in the Beltway, and learning the do’s, don’ts, rules, regulations, traditions, policies, and procedures of life under the Capitol Dome.

ABC News likens congressional orientation to college orientation’s mandatory lectures and meetings – with learning sessions on office logistics, member allowances, and congressional ethics. The new lawmakers are also lining up in alphabetical order to draw numbers for the DC office lottery.

Members-elect can look forward to sporting new congressional lapel pins come January for the big swear-in.

Senator San Nicolas’s office reports he’ll be back on Guam in time for November’s legislative session, set for November 21st.