Delegate Moylan Sends Letter to President Biden on the FY 2024 Budget


Guam and other territories are, most times, cut out of adequate and equitable federal funding channels. 

In a letter to President Joe Biden, Congressman James Moylan expressed his disappointment with the current administration’s continued lack of inclusion of Guam and other territories after reviewing the 2024 Fiscal Year proposed budget. 

According to the Delegate, the Fiscal Year 2024 budget merely proposes $537 million to the Department of Interior(DOI) to be shared among Guam, the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas, American Samoa, and the Virgin Islands.

Moylan also argued that the budget prioritizes what lies within Guam’s military bases and requested the federal government not to overlook the Americans on the island who live beyond those boundaries.

As the delegate is set to introduce legislation to address the inequity of eligibility for the Supplemental Security Income(SSI) in the territories, he said he hopes to have Biden’s support. 

Moylan further added that Biden’s administration appears disinterested in the concerns of Guam, especially in the movements of goods.

Saying that although the “Buy American” position looks good on paper, it fails to recognize that Guam is outside the U.S. customs zone. 

Failing to address the Jones Act and other barriers to fair trade will suffocate the island’s economy and may affect the completion of the new US Marine Base Camp Blaz. 

“While I understand that this submitted budget is a mere proposal, I encourage your administration to consider supporting forthcoming proposals aimed at ensuring fair treatment for Guam and other territories of the United States.” said Moylan. 

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