VIDEO: Problems With Access to Files Puts Millions In Federal Funds At Risk


Guam – Hundreds of millions of dollars of federal funding is at risk because critical files were deleted, tampered with or had access blocked at the Guam State Clearing House.

The Guam State Clearing House is a government office run by the Lt. Governor to oversee and manage federal grants for both GovGuam agencies and non-governmental agencies like Sanctuary inc.

Their job is to help GovGuam apply for grants and track the grants they apply for. On Monday the Calvo/Tenorio administration took office and immediately discovered that the Guam State Clearing House had been literally cleared out. “Right now we have I.T. professionals from throughout the government working to restore files that they have told me were erased.

The computers essentially were wiped,” said Guam State Clearing House Director Eric Palacios. His staff noticed this on Monday when they tried to log onto computers and found some to be restricted via password protection and others to be literally empty. This means they were essentially going into the office blind. “Because of that we’re not able to determine if anything out there was nearing expiration if anything was time sensitive or urgent we had no idea,” explained Palacios.

 This is critical because if the Guam State Clearing House can’t track the progress of the various grants that are out there or pending it can result in either the loss of funding, a requirement to re-imburse the funding or worse. “The other negative impact could be cessation of future funding opportunities,” said Palacios. PNC asked, “So basically they’d cut you off you’d be cut off from applying for that program again?” Palacios responded saying, “Yes that would be essentially the worst case scenario.”

 Palacios is appealing to the community for anyone who has dealt with the Guam State Clearing House to contact them and bring forward any documentation of any grants they may have that are pending or currently with the Guam State Clearing House. They will also be crosschecking with all GovGuam agencies to see what paperwork they may have on pending or current federal grants.