Delinquent Accounts Force Solid Waste To Collect Over 1800 Trash Carts


Guam- A large number of trash carts are being retrieved and stored at the Department of Public Works Compound because of delinquent accounts.

Solid Waste Division Administrator Linda Ibanez says over 1800 trash carts have been collected and that number continues to grow. She also explains they had to hire security to watch the area where the carts are situated because not all the carts can fit in the storage cages anymore.

Ibanez adds despite giving customers personal phone calls and up to 3 months notice to pay their bills, it seems the agency’s efforts are being ignored. She continues to warn those that haven’t paid their fees that it will cost more in the long run to re-establish their trash collection services.

“A lot of them are disregarding our notice and our bills. So, take in account now, Solid Waste is serious about this matter” said Ibanez. “That’s why we’re out retrieving the carts. And on top of that, there’s a cost to reactive your fee…it’s a $50 restoration fee and you would have to come up with 1 month in advance to pay and bring your account in good standing.”

Solid Waste customers currently pay $17 dollars a month for their trash to be collected.