Delmonico Kitchen to Donate $1 of Each Order to 3 Guam Charities


Guam – Delmonico Kitchen & Bar (DKB) is giving its patrons the opportunity to enjoy great food while giving back to three local non-profit organizations. Starting this week, for each steak and wrap ordered, DKB will donate $1 to the patron’s choice of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Guam, Erica’s House, or Catholic Social Services.

“Each time a customer orders a steak or wrap, we’ll give them a poker chip to drop into the charity of their choice,” said DKB Chef Eddie Chien. “As the chips accumulate, we will make periodic donations to each charity. We don’t have an end date for the program, so as long as people keep eating, we’ll keep giving!”

Following the completion of their Burger 365 campaign, which featured a new burger every day for a year, Chien decided to keep the momentum going by introducing Wrap 365 featuring, you guessed it, a different wrap for the next 365 days. The wrap includes choice of soup or salad and a drink for $15, plus a 10% service charge.

When it comes to steaks, patrons have no shortage of options. Customers can choose three cuts of steak up to three different sizes and select one of 13 preparation styles, including local-style, Cajun and Moroccan.

“This program is our way of giving back to some great organizations on the island,” said Chien. “We’ll post the donations on our Facebook page, so you can follow along with your favorite charity!”

For more information on DKB, contact Eddie Chien at 647-4411, or visit their website at