VIDEO: VOTE 2012 – Democrats Expect to Maintain Majority in 32nd Guam Legislature


Guam – Saturday’s Primary Election helped the Democratic Party rank the popularity of its senatorial candidates. With 15 candidates in the race, no one was eliminated from the General Election.

One term incumbent Dennis Rodriguez gained the majority of democratic votes with 7,721 votes of confidence.

“I’m very moved and very humbled by the show of support from our people but I don’t take anything for granted,” Rodriguez said of his success. “We’re gonna make sure that we continue to work hard to serve the people you know in the next 60 days until the end of my term and also if (voters) give me another chance to work even harder in the next term.”

Former Senator Frank Aguon Jr is optimistic about a return to the legislature after coming in at number two within the Democratic Party with 7,572 votes.

“The best part that I love about the political arena here in Guam is getting out and meeting our people and speaking to them and conversing with them on the issues,” Aguon told PNC Tuesday. “Thats what I’m defiantly looking forward to and I wish all the other candidates the best of luck.”

Incumbent Tom Ada ranked third among the democratic candidates receiving 7,447 votes. Having served a total six terms in the legislature now, Ada is pleased with his ranking but says there is still a lot of work to do ahead of the General Election.

“The fact that I placed number three does not necessarily mean that I’m a shoe in,” Ada said. “I still gotta work harder in getting my message out as to what my platform is and where do we go from here. Of course these last two terms that I’ve been in have been focusing in on transportation, utilities, public work,s and veterans affairs and there’s still a lot of work that needs to be done in those areas.”

At the other end of the spectrum new-comers Leah Beth Naholowaa, Gary Gumataotao, and Benedicto Toves took the bottom three positions. Just above them at number 12 was Incumbent Senator Judi Guthertz.While she came in below the other incumbent senators in her party Dr. Guthertz is confident she’ll be elected to a fourth term at the legislature.

“If you study the numbers the Democrats did a lot better than our Republican friends in terms of the numbers,” Guthertz said. “We have over a thousand votes more than the highest republican on the republican side of the ballot so I think we did pretty good and I’m very optimistic I’m looking forward to the general election campaign and of course we’ll work very hard to try to give the people a democratic majority.”

Senator Guthertz also commented that the voter turnout for the Primary Election was low which she says makes it difficult to predict the outcome of the General Election.