Democratic Majority Announces Legislative Leadership


Judi Won Pat to Remain Speaker B.J. Cruz to Remain Vice-Speaker 

Guam – The Democrat’s have retained the majority in the legislature and today they began to hold meetings to decide who their leadership will be.


This morning the Speaker was hoping that they would decide quickly. “We hope that before the end of the week we will then have solidified the leadership in the legislature the committee chairpersons and the description of those atache’s as well,” said Speaker Won Pat. In fact by this evening the decisions had all been made.

Juidi Won Pat will remain speaker. B.J. Cruz will remain Vice-Speaker and will chair the Committe on Appropriations. Rory Respicio will be majority leader and will remain committee on rules chair. Nerissa Underwood will head up the commitee on education.




Democratic Majority Sets Leadership for New Legislature

(Hagåtña, Guam)-Democratic Party State Chair Senator Rory J. Respicio announced today that the Democratic Caucus for the 33rd Guam Legislature has met and determined the leadership and Committee Chairs for the incoming legislature. The new Legislature will maintain status quo for the leadership positions though substantial changes were made in the Committee Chairmanships. The leadership for the 33rd Legislature is as follows:


Speaker-select Judith T. Won Pat

Vice-Speaker-select Benjamin J.F. Cruz

Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes, Legislative Secretary-select and Asst. Majority Whip-select

Senator Rory J. Respicio, Majority Leader-select and Rules Chair-select

Senator Thomas C. Ada, Asst. Majority Leader-select

Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr., Majority Whip-select


Senator Respicio stated, “The caucus went very smoothly, certainly the legacy of the late Speaker Ben Pangelinan and the issues that he cared about, was felt in the room. There was unanimity and a concerted effort to address everyone’s interest in particular that of our party’s Vice Chairperson and Senator-elect Nerissa Bretania Underwood.”


The following is the line-up for the incoming Committee Chairs:

Speaker Judith T. Won Pat: Committee on Higher Education, Culture, Public Libraries, and Women’s Affairs

Vice-Speaker Benjamin J.F. Cruz: Committee on Appropriations and Adjudication

Senator Tina Rose Muna Barnes: Committee on Municipal Affairs, Tourism, and Housing

Senator Rory J. Respicio: Committee on Rules, Federal, Foreign & Micronesian Affairs, Human and Natural Resources, Election Reform and Capitol District

Senator Thomas C. Ada: Committee on Transportation, Infrastructure, Lands, Border Protection, Veterans’ Affairs and Procurement

Senator Dennis G. Rodriguez, Jr.: Committee on Health, Economic Development, Homeland Security, and Senior Citizens

Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr.: Committee on the Guam U.S. Military Relocation, Public Safety, and Judiciary

Senator Michael F.Q. San Nicolas: Committee on Government Operations and Youth Development


Senator-elect Nerissa Bretania Underwood: Committee on Early Learning, Education, and First Generation Initiatives


  1. Why should Judy Wonpat be given the speaker’s position? Frank Aguon received the most votes so it just makes sense that he should be the next speaker.

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