Democratic Party Critical of GOP Senators for Voting Against Bill 413 “In Spite of GEC Report Admitting Serious Flaws”


Guam -The Democratic Party of Guam issued the following release critical of  the island’s Republican Senators for voting against the election reform Bill   413.


The measure was approved by the Legislature Wednesday afternoon, but along party lines.  The vote was 8-6.

The measure goes onto to Governor Calvo who is expected to veto the bill.

READ Bill 413

The Democratic Party release refers to a report compiled by the Guam Election Commission which can be read by clicking on the link below.

READ the GEC Subcommittee report HERE (Scroll Down – Precinct reports begin on page 9)

READ the Democratic Party of Guam’s release in FULL below:


In spite of the GEC’s willingness to go back to work and audit the 2010 General Election, Republican Senators decided to vote no on an election reform bill that is intended to fix serious flaws within Guam’s electoral system.

In a frighteningly honest report submitted by a bipartisan sub-committee of the Guam Election Commission, the Legislature was informed in part that:

* The GEC has not determined how many ballots were printed in the 2010 General Election;

• The GEC has not reconciled the number of ballots issued and cast at precincts;

• Thousands of potential voters were purged from GEC rolls without legal notice;

• Fraud was apparent in Barrigada and Yigo;

• Cast ballots during early voting were unsecured in the office of the Guam Election Commission for several weeks prior to Election Day;

• At least 8 ballots were appropriately cast but not counted because they were later found in supply boxes;

• A confirmed number of voters cast ballots illegally in both the Guam and CNMI 2010 General Elections;

• A confirmed number of ballots cast by servicemen overseas was received after election day and counted in only the Delegate Race

To keep our elections honest, we ask that every citizen of Guam pray that Governor Calvo is granted the courage to Act on behalf of the truth and restore our faith in the electoral process by signing this bill into law.

To read the GEC’s bipartisan sub-committee report visit: