Democratic party of Guam elects new leaders


Democrats elected new Chairwoman, Vice-Chairman Secretary and treasurer for their party organization.

Guam – According to a press release the Democratic Party of Guam elected new leaders during their party election on Saturday.

They also chose members of their Central Executive Committee and officers for the Young Democrats of Guam. Senator Regine Bisco Lee is the new Chairwoman of the party, Jon Junior Calvo is the Vice-Chairman, Jennifer Louise Dulla is the Secretary and Arlene Perez Bordallo is the treasurer.

The new Chairwoman issued a statement that reads in part, “I want to thank my fellow Democrats for entrusting me with this role. Together we will continue to work for meaningful change that will uplift and unite our island.”



Democrats turned out for the Democratic Party Election on Saturday for an island wide election for new Officers, members of the Central Executive Committee and Officers for the Young Democrats of Guam. Party Chairman Joaquin P. Perez and Nominating Committee Chairwoman Senator Telena Cruz Nelson announce the results of the Democratic Party of Guam’s island wide election:

Newly elected Party Officers:

Chairwoman: Senator Régine Biscoe Lee

Vice Chairman: Jon Junior Calvo

Secretary: Jennifer Louise Dulla

Treasurer: Arlene Perez Bordallo

Newly elected District Representatives of the Central Executive Committee:

Agana Heights: Darren William Gutierrez and Cassandra Ann Gutierrez

Agat: Gerard Toves & Elaine V. Tajalle

Asan: Leslie San Nicolas & Amanda Shelton

Maina: Johnny M. Cruz and Eliza Dames

Barrigada: Joseph P. Mafnas and Rikki Rae Orsini

Chalan Pago: J’Kin Santos and Ariana Cruz Villaverde

Ordot: John T. Ryan and Odessa Palacios

Dededo: Mario Y. Galang and Cynthia De Castro

Hagåtña: Ben Toves and Michaelene Arroyo

Inarajan: Joaquin P. Taitague and Gabriella P. Taitague

Mangilao: Roque Anderson Alcantara, Sr. and Ina Villanueva Carillo

Merizo: Ignacio T. Tainatongo and Rosie R. Tainatongo

Mongmong-Toto-Maite: Craig Stilwell and Mercedes Alegre

Piti: Victor J. Lujan and Mary Louise Wheeler

Santa Rita: Joaquin P. Perez and Thea Juaneza

Sinajana: Jose A. Crisostomo and Rebecca Jean Respicio

Talofofo: Ronald E. Teehan and Olivia Palacios

Tamuning-Tumon: Julian Janssen and Beatrix “Trixie” Naholowaa

Umatac: Carl C. Sanchez and Stephanie Flores

Yigo: Christian F. Valencia and Desirae M. Mesa

Yona: Christopher Aguon and Tricia Benavente

Newly elected Officers of the Young Democrats of Guam:

Chairperson: Julian Janssen

Vice Chairperson: Gia Righetti

Secretary: Christian F. Valencia

Treasurer: Lawrence Alcairo

National Committeewoman: Sarah Elmore

National Committeeman: John Paul Manuel

The Democratic Party’s new Chairwoman, Senator Régine Biscoe Lee stated, “I want to thank my fellow Democrats for entrusting me with this role. Together we will continue to work for meaningful change that will uplift and unite our island. As we head into a competitive election year, our slate of village and island-wide Democratic leadership is up to the challenge of serving the greatest needs of our island, Lee continued, “We are Democrats because we believe that government should work just as hard for the powerless as it does for the powerful; that each of us has a duty to leave behind something solid so that our kids can build something better, and that ‘we’ is always stronger than ‘me’. These are the core values at the center of our Party. And we believe that with our collective dedication, hard work and faith, these values can be the foundation of a better future for us all. Biba Democrats! Biba Guam!”

Incoming Vice Chairman Jon Junior Calvo stated, “We appreciate the support we received in the party election. Over the last few years, we’ve been working to rebuild our Party from the ground up – organizing, engaging the grassroots, and bridging factions – and we must continue in that momentum. The next wave of elections in 2018 gives Democrats one chance to build on the progress we have made and that banner says: OPPORTUNITY.”

Outgoing Chairman Perez stated, “I am excited for these new Officers as they are young, bright and energetic. They will develop the passion to get the island’s Democrats motivated to retake Adelup and get a super majority in the Legislature.”