Democratic Party of Guam Executive Director arrested for drunk driving


Executive Director for the Democratic Party of Guam and the Director of Policy and Communications for Vice Speaker Tina Muna Barnes Chirag Bhojwani was arrested earlier this morning for drunk driving.

At approximately 2 am this morning an officer heard over radio transmission of a vehicle stop with a possible crash on Route 14, according to the official Magistrate’s Report.

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Upon arrival, the officer observed the vehicle, a 2017 GMC Canyon, and spoke with the male standing at the rear of the car, who was later identified as Chirag Bhojwani.

According to the magistrate’s report, the officer could smell alcohol when speaking with Bhojwani. The officer also reports that he had bloodshot, watery eyes.

When asked about alcohol consumption, Bhojwani claimed to have had only two beers.

The Magistrates report further stated that Bhojwani had agreed to a standardized field sobriety test. Prior to insisting to change his shoes to golf shoes to conduct the test, Bhojwani stated something similar to “I want my lawyer here.”

Bhojwani had attempted to lift his foot but lost balance, the magistrate’s report reads. Due to inclement weather along with Bhojwani’s ability to balance the Sobriety test was not conducted.

In response to Bhojwani’s arrest on Drunk Driving, Vice Speaker Barnes issued the following statement:

“My family and I nearly lost our lives to a drunk driver, and I wouldn’t wish that kind of pain on anyone. I care deeply about Chirag personally and professionally, and I’m hurt and upset over any possibility that he may have placed his life or the lives of others at risk by driving under the influence. While I don’t know the facts of the case, I trust the legal system and know that everyone involved will be treated fairly. In the meantime, Chirag is on leave until I can determine the best steps going forward.”

Bhojwani requested officers to secure his vehicle and to retrieve his phone from the backseat, according to the report. Officers agreed and an opened beer bottle was located between a golf bag and the rear seat.

GPD documented that the beer was “cold to the touch and about 3/4th full”

A breathalyzer test was administered which resulted in a 0.160% blood alcohol content. For reference, drivers are considered legally impaired if their BAC is 0.08% or higher.

Tony Babauta, Chairman of the Democratic Party of Guam issued the following statement regarding Chirag Bhojwani’s arrest:

“Too many of us have lost friends or family to drunk drivers. And, while no one lost their lives to last night’s events, I am disappointed that my friend and colleague may have exercised poor judgment and put himself and others at risk. While I won’t pre-judge the facts before I know them, I’m going to insist that Chirag focus on himself and take every step necessary to deal with this responsibly while on leave from Party matters.”

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