VIDEO: Democratic Party Passes Resolution Calling on GEC to Keep the 2010 Ballots in Case Override Succeeds


Guam – The Democratic Party of Guam Thursday passed a resolution calling on the Guam Election Commission to hold onto the ballots from the 2010 election in case the Legislature succeeds in its over-ride of the Governor’s veto of the election reform bill #413.

The resolution was passed at the urging of  Democratic Party Chairman and former Governor Carl Gutierrez who lost the 2010 Gubernatorial election and then challenged the outcome in court in a case which he reluctantly says he was forced to dismiss on Wednesday.

“We’re not backing up from the facts we’re backing up because we’re broke. I don’t have any more money so this resolution is asking the Guam Election Commission to please preserve those 2010 election ballots do not do anything with it because there is still that possibility that Senator Rory Respicio Tom Ada and the Democrats because now that my case is gone it would seem to be harmless for Calvo now or some other Republican senators to vote yes on the override and let’s get an accounting from the Guam Election Commission,” said Gutierrez.

Gutierrez spoke to the party faithful Thursday night.

He explained he did not have the money to continue the legal challenge to the election outcome and  he also said that he couldn’t find another lawyer to take up the case because, he said, almost all of the attorneys on island have a stake in or are beholden to Calvo Enterprises.

“So I had to go around and find other lawyers but they are just not there because of major conflicts because most of them if not 100 percent of them have a piece of the Calvo enterprise they have a piece of every thing else on this island that deals with the Calvo’s so I cannot get a lawyer without these people losing their ability to continue work with the Calvo’s and that’s what they usually do these big businesses they hire every lawyer on the island so nobody can sue them,” said Gutierrez.



The resolution is a formal request to the GEC to hold onto the 2010 ballots, but it does not carry the force of law.