Democratic Party of Guam responds to GOP “condemning” Lou Leon Guerrero


Guam – Calling it the oldest trick in the book, the Democrats respond to the Republican Party Chairman’s comments depicting Lou Leon Guerrero as a racist.  Read the entire release below:

“Our opponent’s oldest trick in the book is to allege racism in this election. Let’s be clear: Democrats respect, accept, and love everyone who calls Guam home and works to make it better. No one should be ashamed of the language they speak or where they were born. That’s true whether you come from Mangilao, Manila, or Memphis. We all have a special responsibility to our home.
Just when you thought our political opponents could sink no lower, they have taken 10 seconds of a 10-minute stump speech made by our Democratic nominee, Lou Leon Guerrero, and released it out of context.  
Here is the statement in its entirety and in context: “Move over Ray, because the better team of Lou and Josh are going to provide what our people need. Why? Because I love our people. I love our island. I love our culture. This is my island. I am from here, Ray. I was born and raised here Ray. My family lives here Ray and I am more qualified to be the Governor of Guam.”
The negative campaign against Lou Leon Guerrero is working hard to divide our community by influencing our electorate with false charges and ignoring Ray Tenorio’s failed leadership. How do they claim progress when our island has doubled its debt, lost GMH accreditation, allowed crime to rise, failed our small businesses, and given sweetheart deals to their political friends?  
Ray Tenorio and his team are desperate and will grab at untruths and lies for their campaign. Lou and Josh have a plan to strengthen the economy, reduce crime, provide more opportunities for us, our families, and businesses. Vote for Lou and Josh this November 6th, and vote for all Democratic candidates.”