Democratic Party responds to San Nicolas accusations


The Democratic Party of Guam has responded to statements made by Congressman Michael San Nicolas that the party is working to oust him as the island’s delegate to the U.S. Congress.

In a release issued by San Nicolas this morning, he states that Democratic party leaders met behind closed doors recently and nominated Public Auditor Benjamin Cruz to challenge him in the 2020 election.

In a statement sent this afternoon, the Democratic Party of Guam said it endorses no candidate for office prior to its party primaries.

“Our nominees are chosen by free and fair elections. That means every Democrat has a right to seek office or recruit others to do the same—that is the most basic tenant of a democracy,” the Democratic Party of Guam stated.

In addition, the Party confirmed the resignation of former Speaker Judith T. Won Pat as Party Chair. Won Pat was just elected Democratic Party leader three weeks ago.

Reacting to San Nicolas’ release, Carlo Branch, Governor Leon Guerrero’s Policy Director, said “I can’t help but feel that Mike has a clear hatred for the party from which he has sought, and continues to seek nomination. He knows Our nominee is elected not selected—and while the Party endorses no candidate before the Primary, Democrats are free to find a challenger for any seat-that’s how Democracy Works.”

Branch went on to say “I don’t know if Speaker Cruz will run or not—but I’ve known Mike since we were kids—he only lashes out when he’s scared.”

Branch said he was speaking as a democrat only and not on behalf of the party.

As for Cruz, the former Speaker of the 34th Guam Legislature and current Public Auditor said he has no knowledge of the party making a decision but that he has always considered a run for Guam delegate.

“I’ve always left myself available to the people of Guam if they believe I can continue to serve the people,” Cruz said.