Democrats, Action PAC clash over candidate survey


The war between the Democratic Party of Guam and the newly formed Action PAC political action committee has begun.

In a statement over the weekend, the Democrats castigated the Action Pac for releasing a “biased” candidate survey.

“While the Democratic Party of Guam believes its candidates are capable of addressing substantive issues in honest and meaningful ways, it is apparent that ‘Action PAC’ and its candidate survey are an instrument of for-profit special interests aimed at creating divisiveness in our community when we need to be focused on coming together on a path to recovery,” the Democratic Party said.

The Democrats described Action PAC’s survey as written in a “leading manner” where the outcome appears to be predetermined by the way in which the questions are fashioned.

“We urge ‘Action PAC’ to afford all candidates the opportunity to participate in this survey – answering all questions fully, not a mere “Yes” or “No”. As it’s currently presented, there is little value to playing in a game where the outcome is clearly rigged,” the Democratic Party stated, adding that Action PAC’s stated goals include government budget cuts that would lead to the furlough of thousands at a time when public sector workers are on the frontlines of our war against COVID-19.

“The facts are clear: because of this Democratic Majority, Guam’s small businesses pay 3% or less in business privilege taxes. This party has always been about everyday people – not the special interests of big business,” the Democratic Party stated.

Action PAC is the political action committee formed by the island’s business community.

It is a nonprofit, political action committee that was formed to effect change in government, specifically as it relates to five key issues: decreasing the size of the Government of Guam; improving transparency in all levels of the Government of Guam; supporting the military build-up; supporting a part-time legislature, and rolling back the BPT from 5% to 4% immediately.

According to the group’s leaders, Action PAC is not affiliated with any political party but it is committed to supporting candidates whose platforms and purpose align with the group’s core values.