Democrats: Fed guidelines on ARP spending not yet final


The Democratic Party of Guam has responded to the Republican Party of Guam’s criticism that Adelup is delaying the use of American Rescue Plan funds.

“The GOP’s recent statements regarding the future expenditure of federal ARP funding are reckless, wrong, and inaccurate. Federal guidelines on how this money can be spent are not yet final and spending that money without these final rules could result in taxpayers owing millions because the GOP wanted to spend money before the rules were final,” Democratic Party of Guam executive director Chirag Bhojwani said.

Once final guidelines are known, Bhojwani said the spending plan will be published, the expenditures will be subject to federal audit, and everyone will know these funds are being spent in line with federal policy.

“The GOP knows each of these facts but as they prepare for a gubernatorial election they obviously care more about laying blame than solving problems. That says way more about their leadership than it does about ours,” he said.