Democrats: ‘Guam GOP continues to create public panic to gain attention’


The following is a statement from Mr. Chirag Bhojwani, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Guam:

“In the words of the Guam Chamber of Commerce Chairwoman, “There were a couple of other things that shocked me beyond belief… one of them… was that one of the businesses on island had thrown a social gathering for its employees where the virus spread….. And then forcing employees to come into work even though they knew they were positive is another one that shocked me.”

“People are LITERALLY DYING in our community – someone around here has to be the adult and show some tough love. One thing is clear: some are more capable at adulting than others in our community. It is ironic that Democrats are the ones that are standing up for businesses who are closed or suffering right now.

“The leadership of the Republican Party of Guam continues to demonstrate that it cares more about creating public panic to gain attention rather than protecting public health. This community has repeatedly called for stronger enforcement regulations allowing public health to cite those that risk our health and the health of our economy. Public health is answering that call.

“These rules will be subject to an administrative public hearing where concerns may be addressed—but the GOP doesn’t seem to care about the facts. When Democrats proactively introduced a similar measure in the past – had the GOP come to the table, our community would have been better equipped to fight back against this deadly virus.

“People who follow the rules, are being penalized because of those who choose not to. While some would rather spend time pontificating on their fantasies, others have realized that for our economy to one day thrive again – we need a healthy community. It makes more sense to penalize violators – not stand up for those who think they are above the law. That is the fundamental definition of a civilized society.

“The Governor isn’t a dictator, she’s a leader doing everything she possibly can to keep our island safe. Maybe the Republican Party can use these 4 words in their next release: How can we help?”

(Democratic Party of Guam News Release)