Gutierrez-Aguon Make Final Push For Adelup


Guam – With less than 24 hours until the polls open former Governor Carl Gutierrez and his running mate Frank Aguon Jr. are making the last minute rounds in preparation for tomorrows election.

 Gutierrez spoke to PNC news about his plans for election day saying, “We’re gonna go around early in the morning when the polls open and when we do make the circuit all the way around every precinct on this island we will be there to give them a great thank you and to just cheer up the voters because that’s part of the cultural way of elections here on Guam you don’t just sit at home in the air condition and hopefully you know wait while the voting counts no you go out there and you thank the people that have given so much of their lives because of the belief of Gutierrez/Aguon.”

 In addition to Gutierrez and Aguon making their rounds a number of Democrats came together at the Angel Santos Latte Stone park in Hagatna today to show unity and support for the democratic gubernatorial team.

 “We are here this morning to endorse the ASAP plan it’s the democratic plan which is a sustainable and prosperous Guam,” said Speaker Judi Wonpat. This ASAP plan is the cornerstone of the Gutierrez/Aguon platform. Senator Judi Guthertz pledged her support saying, “With the asap plan together we can make sure that the people of guam are treated fairly and justly when it comes to the coming military buildup.” Senator Tina Muna Barnes said, “together we can improve recycling and build a green and sustainable Guam.” Senator Adolpho Palacios also supported the plan saying,”this plan has a very workable plan for public safety and together we can put more police officers into our neighborhoods and more ambulances at our fire stations.”

 Speaker Judi Wonpat, Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz, Steven Dierking, Jonathan Diaz, Dennis Rodriguez Jr. Senator Rory Respicio, Corrina Gutierrez Ludwig, Senator Adolpho Palacios, Trini Torres, Senator Tina Muna Barnes, Sarah Thomas Nededog, Senator Judi Guthertz, Joe San Agustin, and Senator Tom Ada all gave their endorsement of Gutierrez/Aguon.