Department of Administration lists staffing and equipment needs


Department of Administration director Edward Birn, during DOA’s budget hearing, listed the department’s accomplishments as well as its future projects.

Birn also discussed the need for the department to update its financial management system.

“As has been noted by both our independent auditors and the Public Auditor, many findings or deficiencies that were reported can be directly attributed to our legacy system. There is no need or usefulness in explaining why we haven’t been able to update it. Technology has changed the way we all interact over the last 20 years. There are so many aspects of our lives which we conduct differently because of new technology. GovGuam is no different,” Birn said.

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Birn pointed out that DOA’s budget had been reduced which negatively affected its ability to do its job.

“Last year’s budget law for this year’s budget reduced DOA’s budget request by just under 10%. This impacted our ability to recruit needed middle management staff, mainly deputies for division heads,” Birn said.

In a presentation, the DOA also asked to fund seven positions: assistant personnel services administrator, chief financial officer, assistant chief procurement officer, and four buyers.

Altogether, the positions would cost more than $321,000 in annual salaries.

But the Department warned that the results of not filling those positions would be increased deficiencies.

“We are asking that the deputies noted above are funded … that we have enough funding to improve procurement, not only at GSA, but throughout the whole procurement cycle, from requisition to PO, to receipt, to payment. We’re also asking for shredding records already identified eligible for disposal. We’re asking that that be funded. These requests are not frivolous. They’re designed to respond to agency, auditor, or DOA identified needs, and we ask that you include that this year. Especially those that exceed the governor’s executive budget for DOA, which was forwarded to you,” Birn said.