Department of Agriculture issuing June-only permits for Achang, Piti preserves

(Photo courtesy Guam Department of Agriculture, Division of Aquatic and Wildlife Resources)

Although the marine preserves around the island remain closed to fishing, the Guam Department of Agriculture has issued a news release advising that special permits can be obtained for the Achang Bay Marine Preserve and the Piti Bomb Hole Preserve for the month of June only.

The Director of the Department of Agriculture, in accordance with Section 63123 of Title 5 of Guam Code Annotated is issuing the special permits.

They will allow fishing for juvenile rabbit fish known as manahak; juvenile fusiliers called achemson; juvenile goatfish or ti’ao; juvenile jack known as i’e; and scad mackerel or atuli.

The permits are being issued ONLY for the month of June and only for those two preserves and ONLY for catching manahak, ti’ao, i’e, atuli and achemson.

Those wishing to fish may ONLY use hook and line or talaya nets.

The Tumon Bay preserve is open daily for hook and line and talaya fishing from the shore. Please see regulations for allowed catch or call 735-0286/81.

No other fish, seaweed, shellfish or other marine life may be taken.

The harvest of these species is dependent on conditions specified below.


  1. All social distancing measures must be followed.

The purpose of focusing on the use of talaya nets and hook-and-line is to protect our community by limiting fishing to a single-person activity. Please keep a distance of six feet or more between yourself and anyone else.

  1. Only the use of talaya nets or hook-and-line for the harvest of manahak, achemson, ti’ao and i’e is allowed from shore for a period from June 1 through June 30.

  2. I’e and ti’ao harvested shall not be longer than 4-inches.

  3. Manahak shall not be longer than 3-inches.

  4. While fishing for manahak, achemson, ti’ao and i’e under this permit, entry into the water is only allowed to retrieve the talaya net after casting.