Department of Corrections Weekly Report March 4- 8


Guam -The Department of Corrections has released the following report for the week of March 4th.
DOC Weekly Progress Report

We had 225 inmates and 402 detainees in our custody at the start of last week, Monday, March 04, 2013.

By the end ofthe week, Friday, March 08, we received to our custody an additional O inmates and 30 detainees. O inmates were paroled during this period.

The department employed 174 Corrections Officers and 7 Parole Officers with the attrition of O employee(s) during this period

The employees accumulated 1,150 hours of overtime during this period.

The Parole Services Division conducted a routine curfew check on March 7, 2013. There were a total of (21) parolees visited and total of (O7) violations.

On March 3, 2013 a security breach was discovered on the inner and outer fence behind the Domes (Post #25). We reinforced the rear perimeter fence with additional barbed wire and we are currently erecting a secondary perimeter fence of barbed wire around the Mangìlao compound to deter the promotion of prison contrabands`

As of March 4, 2013, the Adult Correctional Facility’s main compound was placed on lockdown due to the security breach, Only the Community Corrections Center & Minimum-In Facility continued normal operations.

We undertook bush-cutting projects at Fort A Pugan, Government House, Ponding Basin, Skilled Nursing Unit, Office of Civil Defense, General Services Agency, and Route l5 utilizing inmates assigned to the Community Corrections Center.