Department of Land Management – 2012 Highlights, 2013 Goals


Guam – The Guam Department of Land Management has released the following report highlighting its accomplishments in 2012 and its goals for 2013

Department of Land Management

Hafa Adai! Ginen Dipåttamenton Minanehan Tåno’

To maintain public trust, analyzing daily land complexities, and making recommendations, conforming to department rules and regulations.
To serve as stewards of all public and federally-returned excess lands.
To master plan proper zoning applications and uses of public and private lands.
To serve in the best interest of public health, general welfare, necessity and convenience.
To conform to the laws of the land insuring accountability and transparency.


To serve, grow, maintain and ensure DLM’s land knowledge and capacity helping the people of Guam and fellow governmental departments.

Goals and Objectives:
Maintain and effectively manage the destiny of all public and federally-returned lands in consideration of social and economic factors.

Deliver timely, reliable and independent reports.

Multi-train in advancing staff competence.

Educate and guide public knowledge of DLM’s mission and work.

To build confidence and improve the relationship with the public, private entities and government departments.

To ensure effective management programs on development regulation and control that are in place, as determined to be in the best interest of the public for its continued social and economic welfare.

To operate with positive and dynamic philosophy of land management and administration vital to the effective and efficient operation of the department and services provided thereof.

To improve public trust with sound guidance and impeccable service delivery.

The Department of Land Management has compiled milestones of its accomplishments in 2011 and 2012.

Land Trust pursues all delinquent commercial license accounts.

Notification to vacate certain CLTC properties initiated; appropriate action sought in collaboration with Consul Generals, Attorney General’s Office and Guam Police Department to enforce eviction of all illegal squatters.

Pursuant to Governor Calvo’s Reorganization Nos. 5 and 9, redundancies and bureaucratic barriers eliminated; improving customer services in all three divisions. Cost containment in personnel, training and development, operations and utilities, as well as revenue enhancement measures; including collection efforts, implemented since the consolidation of Chamorro Land Trust, Ancestral Lands Commission and the Department of Land Management.

Public Law 31-170 exempts CLTC maps from subdivision procedures; hundreds of lease recipients can now define their boundaries, process real estate loans and hopefully build homes.  This was a collaborative effort between the Governor and the Legislature.

USDA and CLTC announced a proposed Memorandum of Understanding for a new program known as Substantially Underserved Trust Area (SUTA). 

This is the first time CLTC has been approved by the Federal Registry to acquire infrastructure loans; pegged at two percent (2%) interest rate and amortized over 40 years. CLTC will begin the infrastructure programs in Dededo and Yigo to protect the northern aquifer.

USDA & CLTC will enter into a new MOU to guarantee new house loans; to include Dededo. CLTC to work with approved lenders to give out home loans from USDA loan guarantee starting from $69,000 up to $238,000. Mr. & Mrs. Vicente and Bernadita Cruz, are the first applicants for the USDA loan guarantee.

GCC land reverts back to 15 families; a historic event because condemnation began since 1950.  DLM welcomes everyone to find out if they have a claim of interest. This exercise is hope in getting their land back.

DLM is working with ALC Board and legal counsel to create a land bank so that heirs may get some money in the future; for those dispossessed original landowners who will never realize the return of their ancestral lands.

 DLM conveys a total of 25 deeds to the ostensible land owners; properties returned to (original) landowners after 62 years. DLM will master plan easements for accessibility and marketability; to help families develop, build or sell their properties.

DLM’s goal is to be accountable and transparent, only made possible by being audited by Certified Public Accountants.

DLM will help GMH resolve their parking problems by considering three (3) options to create approximately 100 more parking stalls. Option I, is to build a satellite parking lot on land about a quarter-mile from the hospital. Option II, which would provide parking much closer to the facility, is a government land swap — meter for meter — with private landowners in the area. Option III, is to build a parking garage; that may be maintained and operated and generated from parking fees.

DLM administration’s documents prepared from January 2011 to December 26, 2012: Survey Authorization 381, Utility Transfer 315, All Leases 296, Lease Addendums 64, Loan Guaranties 6; total documents signed equals 1,062.

DLM’s deeds conveyed for the Land for Landless program executed from January 2, 2011 thru December 31, 2012 equals 52 Deeds.  

DLM/ALC: Deeds signed from January 2, 2011 to December 26, 2012 = 23.

DLM will request from Department of Revenue & Taxation, to return any and all paid real estate taxes.

The income shall be used for the Home Loan Guarantee Programs. 

2011 GLUC’s, approved applications from 2011: 9-Conditional Use, 6-Zone Change, 6-Zone Variance, 6-Tentative Planned Development, 3-HPR, 5- Preliminary Final Report, 8-Subdivision Maps – Thirty Seven (37 Commission Actions)

2012 GLUC approved the following applications: 8-Conditional Use, 8-Zone Change, 10-Zone Variance, 1-Final Subdivision, 1-Wetland Permit, 5-
Tentative Development Plan, 6-Horizontal Property Regime, 3-Subdivision Maps Approved, 1-Tentative Subdivision, 1-Status Report – Forty Five (45 Commission Actions)

Processed Applicants (Pending Final Approval / Final Approved Projects): Tentative Condominium Units for 2011 and 2012 = 180 units (need to finalize HPR).

Final number of Condominium Units for 2011 and 2012 = 272 condo units.
Tentative lots subdivided = 26 lots
Total lots finally subdivided = 97 lots


To populate the database (land web) and the network system (images).

To serve the general public more efficiently and professionally.

With the populating of the database and the network system, the processing of the Certificate of Title should take no more than a week to process.

Continue training and development of staff through the Guam Community College Apprenticeship Program.

Recruitment of another licensed professional land surveyor to fill the vacant Surveyor Supervisor or Deputy Chief Surveyor position.

Recruitment for two (2) vacant Cartographic Supervisor positions.

Complete the development of 90% of the cadastral parcels using Computer-Aided Design (CAD)/Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software technology.

Complete mapping of all government lands including CLTC leases into the GIS cadastral fabric.

Initiate and complete mapping and land registration of six (6) government lands; then 85 lots until we land register ALL government lands

Densify and update the Guam Geodetic Network reference system for mapping through Global Navigational Satellite Systems (GNSS) technology.

Implement and collect map review and GGN clearance permit and review fees.

Continue to densify the vertical control network using advanced digital leveling instrumentation and technology.

To complete Subdivision for 160 lots together with two (2) acres for commercial income stream

To effectuate a SUTA loan to begin the infrastructure programs

To keep current data entry for all documents received and at the same time be able to work backwards to catch up

To provide status on Certificate of Title requests. Be able to input Land for the Landless balances into quickbooks

To Input all CLTC residential/agricultural finances in quickbooks

To complete Land Registration of 85 lots

To enforce current payments for Land for the Landless program

To execute 1,000 plus CLTC applications

To enforce CLTC rules and regulations on existing and non-existing residential and agricultural leases

To work with the Guam Legislature to create legislative initiatives to fully implement the Governor’s Advisory No. 9 which would create more efficient and effective services provided by the departments involved in the reorganization

To relieve the General Fund of any liabilities or expenses that the departments may incur in the future

To enhance DLM revenues through increasing documentary tax fees from $2.50 to $3.50 per thousand

To develop a vehicle to charge online electronic fees

To build homes for homeless Chamorros in the hundreds

To eventually provide temporary structure(s) for illegal squatters

Felis Anu Nuebu yan gof dangkulu na si Yu’us må’åse’


Please visit Department of Land Management’s website at, call us at 649-5263 or visit our offices located at the ITC Building in Tamuning.