Department of Navy Signs Record of Decision for Guam Military Buildup


ROD has  been signed paving the way for the military buildup to begin. ROD selects where to place the main cantonment, housing area, and live fire training range complex for U.S. marines on Guam.

Guam – The Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy has signed the Record of Decision or ROD for the Guam military buildup and the relocation of U.S. marines from Okinawa to Guam.

 The signing of the ROD is the final part of the required NEPA process that DOD had to complete in order to begin construction on things like the main cantonment, housing and live fire training range areas for the U.S. marines who are being relocated to Guam from Okinawa. The ROD for the Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement officially selects the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station Finegayan as the site for the main cantonment, the Andersen Air Force Base and the site for family housing and the AAFB Northwest Field as the site for the live fire training range complex. In addition Andersen South has been selected as a site for a stand-alone hand grenade range. 





Final ROD For Buildup