Derek J. Santos Charged With 2ed Degree Robbery in Mermaid Tavern & Ebenezer Store Armed Robberies


Guam – Derek James Santos has been formally charged in Superior Court with  2 counts of second degree robbery in connection with the armed robberies of the Mermaid Tavern in Hagatna and the  Ebenezer Store in Yona.

A clerk at the Ebenezer Store was robbed at gunpoint early Sunday morning June 12th. 2 days earlier an employee at the Mermaid Tavern was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot after closing the Tavern.

Santos told police he was not the gunman. According to the Magistrate’s complaint he told investigators that he was the driver in both armed robberies which, Santos said, were committed by the “same male individual.”

Santos was Magistrated in Superior Court Saturday.

Read the Magistrates’ Complaint [Santos is 2ed doc down]

According to the complaint,  Santos admitted that “he drove the male individual to the Ebenezer store and received $150 dollars and a couple of packs of cigarettes” from the armed robber for his participation in that crime.

The complaint also states that Santos “admitted”  that he drove “the same male individual to the Mermaid Tavern on June 10 … and the male individual used a gun to rob a female employee.”

As PNC News noted at the time, the police reports of  both incidents gave similar descriptions of  a suspect who, in each case, carried a silver handgun, and wrapped his t-shirt wrapped around his face when he committed the crimes.

Guam Police Spokesman Offcier A.J. Balajadia declined to comment on what he said is an ongoing investigation.