Pay-Less maintains it’s keeping prices stable

The establishment of local slaughterhouses will help reduce the price of meat products on Guam. (PNC file photo)

Although retail prices of meat, eggs, and poultry are rising in the U.S. due to plant shutdowns and higher demand, Mike Benito, the general manager of Pay-Less Supermarkets, says that the company will continue to try to keep prices stable.

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“We put a price freeze on everything starting on March 17 and we haven’t lifted anything up. The only thing that someone might say has been increased are the things that are new – whether it’s from a local vendor. Masks are a good example! Masks used to cost around 50 cents, but they’re now much more expensive. Hand sanitizers, too. Some of the stuff we’ve been bringing in from Korea and China. Those prices are much higher than what we used to get,” Benito said.

With meat shortages looming over the U.S., Benito says that at the worst, Guam shoppers may see a lack of certain items, but that stores will ultimately maintain adequate stock levels due to backup supplies of meat products.

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“The one thing about Guam that’s a little bit different than in the states is that Guam typically has a lot of backstock. We have freezer inventory of a lot of items and this goes for many other stores. I can imagine that many of the other retailers do the same like what we do,” Benito said.

He added that starting Friday, May 22, Pay-Less locations will revert back to regular store hours. For more information, go to the Pay-Less Supermarkets’ Facebook page.