Details About Seizure of Cash, Drugs from Former Firefighter’s Home


Federal authorities say there’s no way the cash found in Dean Ray Quinata’s home came from an inheritance.

Guam – Details about the seizure of large wads of cash and a pickup truck from a former firefighter’s Talofofo residence were revealed in court documents.


Dean Ray Quinata initially fought the forfeiture claim. The forfeiture claim filed by the federal government includes about $154,000 in cash and a 2012 Toyota Tacoma.

Quinata, in court documents, claimed that the cash came from proceeds of an inheritance from his deceased father and from earnings as a firefighter. However, the US Attorney’s Office says they have strong evidence that the cash came from proceeds of illegal drug activity.

Court papers state that an informant claimed that he had picked up postal mail for Quinata which contained 15 pounds of marijuana. Authorities say when they executed a search warrant on Quinata’s residence, they found an additional 21 grams of marijuana.

As far as claims that some of the cash found in Quinata’s home came from an inheritance, court papers say Quinata’s father had been living in low-income housing prior to his death, making it implausible that his father had any money saved up.



  1. You’re a joke Dean Quinata. Rather than man up for your behavior, you bring your deceased father into this mess. They guy would roll over in his grave if he knew you were trying to use his good name to get out of a jam that you yourself created. What other stories do you have cooked up Dean? The public needs a good laugh.

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