Details of game room robbery revealed

Game Time game room in Tamuning was robbed over the weekend.

Seven thousand dollars. That’s about how much money two men made off with after robbing a game room over the weekend.

When Logan Junior Elias and Harry George Cook Cruz entered the Game Time game room in Tamuning they did so with the intent of making off with the cash.

A court complaint details that at first Elias took a cell phone from a game room employee and then restrained her.

As this was happening, Cruz pushed the victim into an outside hallway and restroom. That’s where the alleged assault began.

The victim told police that Cruz repeatedly punched her in the neck and shoulder before pushing her into the restroom and not allowing her to leave. The victim recounted hearing loud noises, and after some time, Cruz left her unguarded allowing the victim to make an escape to a nearby business reporting the crime in progress.

The two men are accused of taking approximately $7,000 before making their getaway. But they didn’t get far as surveillance footage allowed authorities to identify Elias who coincidentally was the high school classmate of one of the responding officers.

But it was Cruz’s Toyota Tacoma which led police to their capture as it was later located in the garage of the Grand Plaza Hotel in Tumon, confirming that the two men rented a room at the hotel.

After staking out the truck, police were able to apprehend Cruz who initially denied having anything to do with the crime or Elias.

Police obtained a search warrant for the hotel room where they discovered Elias, and a third individual identified as Michael Jordan Babauta. Police say they discovered methamphetamine on Elias and a pipe on Babauta.

It was then that court documents state Elias blurted out to police: “The black bag is the money bag you’re looking for sir.”

The admission led to Elias further admitting to the crime and implicating Cruz as the mastermind. He also told police that his cut from the robbery was about $4,500.

Booked and confined, the two men appeared in court Tuesday afternoon to answer to the charges against them which include second-degree robbery, theft as a second-degree felony, theft as a third-degree felony, third-degree robbery, aggravated assault, and possession of a schedule two controlled substance.

Cruz was held on $10,000 cash bail. As for Elias, his attorney was not initially present and was placed on second call.

Babauta, meanwhile, was charged with possession of a schedule two controlled substance and held on $3,000 cash bail

Cruz will appear for a preliminary hearing on Sept. 20.