Details released on alleged “spice” drug ring


Guam – Details of a drug ring involving the synthetic drug spice have been disclosed in a magistrate complaint involving three individuals.

According to the complaint, three people were dealing spice out of their homes in Yigo and at the Harmon Hemlani Apartments.

Police were working with an informant who led them to Dolores Otis John in Yigo. According to police, John revealed that her source for the drug was two unknown black men who lived at the Hemlani Apartments.

John told police that she bought the spice for $150 per package, rolled them up into 25 joints and sold them for $10 a piece, profiting about $100 per package.

It’s not clear if authorities were able to locate the John’s source but the report names two other defendants, husband and wife Bantasar Kosi and Marikita Simion.

While at Hemlani’s, police say they observed the couple’s vehicle leaving the compound. So they stopped the vehicle and found the couple’s two children inside. When they searched the vehicle, they found a trove of evidence: three firearms, ammunition and a large quantity of spice.

Inside Simion’s purse, police found a handgun, over $11,000 in cash and 469 grams of spice.

Both husband and wife allegedly admitted to dealing spice out of their residence for about a year profiting $200 per package of spice.

As for the firearms, police say Kosi claimed to have found them near Kenny’s on Harmon Loop Road.

All three were charged with possession of a schedule one controlled substance with intent to deliver while Kosi and Simion were additionally charged with possession of an unregistered firearm.