Did you know that not all sex offenders are required to register for life?


Guam – Did you know that not all sex offenders are required to report to the Guam Sex offender Registry for life?

PNC delved deeper into the requirements of the repository after discovering that Gabriel Inas Fegurgur Castro was not listed on the registry, despite having a prior criminal sexual conduct conviction in 2006.

There are 1,110 registered criminal sexual conduct cases reported by the Guam Sex Offender Registry. These are cases that have been adjudicated and the convict required to register with the repository.

PNC: Did Castro ever register following his conviction in 2006?

Yes, he was sentenced after he was convicted on March 3, 2006 on that same day we registered him and the information was uploaded to our website,”responded Payumo.

The repository was started in 1995 but not all offenders that have registered since then are still on the list. Instead it is much like probation where the term can expire.

“Anytime somebody is registered they’re classified a certain level and of course ones and twos are lifetime registrants. Level three years, at the time he registered for ten years. A year later the law changed and increased the registration term for 15 years. so Castro was required to register for 10 years,” Payumo explained.

According to Senior Probation Officer Ruben Payumo sex offenders like Castro who are classified as a level three offender are now required to register for 15 years regardless if the victim is a minor. Of the 1,110 cases 916 involve a victim who is a minor, 113 involve multiple victims who are minors and 12 involve a minor and adult victim.


“He was convicted of third degree criminal sexual conduct as second degree felony. The victim in this case was 14 and I believe the act between them was consensual, maybe that’s why he was classified as a level three offender. Wasn’t a violent offense,” explained Payumo.

As indicated by Officer Payumo, Castro completed the terms of his probation and taken off the registry in 2016 but just this month he was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting two more minors ages 9 and 5. Court documents indicate that the sexual assaults began while he was still under probation in 2012 and continued until April 2017.

Castro isn’t the only level three sex offender who has allegedly re-offended, the Registry indicated that there are 9 other level three sex offenders who have been convicted of another sex offense.

And while we are talking about non-compliance Payumo shares that the website also lists those sex offenders that have absconded.

Right now we have four individuals that have not been registered that are required to. I believe there are warrants out for those four individuals but they are unable to locate. Not only our office but law enforcement agencies on Guam there have been attempts to locate the individuals but so far we have not been able to locate them,”

He adds that there are 9 offenders who have failed to update their information and also have outstanding warrants.

PNC asked, “Are victims made aware of absconding offenders?”

“We are not really required to make contact with the victims, but the information is on our website. but yeah victims we have very little contact with them actually,”

While the Registry acts as a repository it is up to the US Marshals to track down these absconding sex offenders which Payumo shares a majority of them may have moved off island.

But to keep the sex offenders in check on island he says that four times a year his office along with authorities make home visits to ensure the information provided is accurate.

SOURCEJolene Toves
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