Disabled Man Files Lawsuit Against Trolley Company


Ray Hackett is suing Pacific Micronesia Tours because he says they are not ADA compliant. He also wants the judge recused from the case, claiming the judge is “biased.”

Guam – A man with a disability wants a federal judge off his case for denying his request to proceed with a lawsuit without paying fees.


Ray Hackett is suing the tour company that operates the Red Guahan trolley buses on Guam because he says they are not compliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

He filed two separate lawsuits against the company Pacific Micronesia Tours  and requested that filing fees of $400 be waived. But US Magistrate Judge Joaquin Manibusan denied the request on the basis that Hackett earns a disability income of $600 a month.

Hackett then fired back asking that the judge be recused, claiming “bias is obvious and I hereby move this court to recuse from this case.”

Hackett is suing Red Guahan Bus and Pacific Micronesia Tours for non-compliance with the ADA. Hackett says the company is discriminating against individuals with disabilities because of barriers on the bus that prevent disabled persons from riding.

Hackett says similar businesses have made accommodations while PMT has not.

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