VIDEO: Senator Muna-Barnes, McCreadie Working With GVB on Discount Card for Island Residents


Guam – The Guam Visitors Bureu is working on developing a discount program for locals.


GVB Deputy Director Nate DeNight says the idea would be sort of an offshoot of their Hafa Adai pledge.

GVB currently has over 400 organizations and businesses who have taken the Hafa Adai pledge. It’s a pledge that these businesses will try to incorporate local themes as much as possible in their daily operations. Denight says they are working on expanding this program to include special local rates for local customers of the businesses who have taken the Hafa Adai pledge.

He says a similar program is offered in Hawaii and offering on Guam would help to bring together the local community with local businesses all in support of spreading the Hafa Adai spirit.


“There’s so many different ways to do it there’s card programs stamp programs one way we’re also looking at is technology you know doing something maybe online smart phones as well so we’re currently trying to develop the program. We’re trying to do it the right way so we make sure we make it successful and effective and efficient as possible. So different ways to implement it but the key is to get really great offers and work with our partners to have them get really involved and give best offers to the local community because that’s how the program will really grow and benefit locals.”

The program will help get the local community to promote and perpetuate the Hafa Adai spirit which will in turn give tourists a good experience while on Guam. Denight says the idea for the discount program actually came from Senators Bryant McCreadie and Tina Muna Barnes.

“We’ve been working closely with Senator Bryant mccreadie and of course the Destination Management Committee with Mayor Robert Hoffman and as we look to the Hafa Adai pledge and what they’ve done and how succesful that program was for Guam we want to be able to give the opportunity for our local community to take advantage of discounts that are out there with the businesses as we look at supporting local buying local and thinking local I think that this is another program that we can work closely with the Guam Visitors Buruea with our stakeholders in the community with our colleagues in the legislature again another bi-partisan support to engage and make it a win win for our community.”

Denight says they hope to have something more concrete about this planned discount program in the coming weeks.