VIDEO: Discovery Day Festivities in Umatac Begin TONIGHT


Guam- The southern village of Umatac is inviting the entire island community down to experience its annual Discovery Day festivities for the next two weekends.

Humatak Community Foundation Chairman Joe Quinata says his village has been celebrating Discovery Day for three generations, which is based on the landing of explorer Ferdinand Magellan in 1521. He says they showcase that history of Magellan and his interaction with the Chamorros during the Spanish period of Guam.

“Umatac for years and years and years, have provided the people of Guam this sort of snapshot of what it could be during that time” said Quinata. “And that is interpreted on the Sundays of the events. It’s what we call the mock landing.”

Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata says aside from their history with Magellan, Discovery Day gives everyone a chance to experience the beauty and hospitality of the south.

“I’m a new mayor and I’m asking everybody all over the island to come and enjoy yourself” said Quinata. “Bring your jet-skis, whatever you have, water sports and boats. Come down and enjoy! There’s food, there’s all kinds of festivities you can do and get involved.”

A “Umatac by the Sea” exhibition will also be featured at the former FQ Sanchez Elementary School. Other exhibits on display include “Women in Guam History”, “Exploring Guam’s Cultural Heritage” and “Traditional Fishing on Guam.”

The Discovery Day festivities start at 6 p.m. this evening [Friday]. The  mock landing performances of Magellan will also be this coming Sunday, March 3 and the following Sunday, March 10, at 4 p.m..