VIDEO: DISID Conference Highlights Changes to Americans With Disabilities Act


Guam- With a theme of “moving forward”, the first Guam Conference on the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act (ADAAA) kicked off at the Nikko hotel today [Wednesday].

The conference was put together by the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities (DISID) in an effort to enhance the understanding of changes made to the act.

DISID Director Ben Servino and Grant Administrator Zeni Natividad say over the next three days, human resource managers, hiring managers and other officials will learn more of how to respond to discrimination, harassment, confidentiality and job accommodations on the basis of disabilities.

They mention it isn’t just the government’s responsibility, but also the private sector’s.

“We want to inform the consumers, people with disabilities, about their rights” said Servino. “We want to also inform the private businesses about their roles and responsibilities to ensure that equal access is provided for these individuals.”

With an 86% turnout, Natividad mentions they remain hopeful their conference goals will be achieved.

“Almost all the seats are filled up” said Natividad. “It is a show that our people would like to learn about the ADA and in fact, a lot of them have come up to me and come up to us and said this is a great conference and we’re learning a lot from the speakers.”

The conference ends this Friday, January 11. For more information, call (671) 475-4610.