DISID Requests For More Money to Fund Service Contracts


During a recent budget hearing – the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities requested More Money for the upcoming fiscal year in order To Fund Service Contracts and Employee Salaries and Benefits

PNC’s Damen Michael has this story

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During yesterday’s budget hearing the Department of Integrated Services for Individuals with Disabilities is requesting approximately 1 million dollars in funding for the fiscal year 2023.

For the fiscal year, 2022 DISID requested approximately 7,194,989 and for the upcoming fiscal year 2023, they are looking at approximately 8,191,220 dollars. The majority of the additional requested funds look to be included within their service contracts which don’t include funding more than a possible increase in staffing patterns.

With the increase in contract service, the number of clients added to these contracts would be very few.

According to Speaker Therese Terlaje,” We’re increasing those contracts, hopefully, to increase the number of people that they serve, but it is very, very little very limited. Maybe two, or three people more sounds like. That’s so sad.”

In response to the speaker, Deputy Director Michelle Perez said, “it’s not just about the funding, it’s about the pool of individuals that are out there to provide that service, which we are all having a problem with.”

Despite an increase in appropriation, DISID is also in critical need of an increase in social workers.

DISID planned appropriations of approximately three million dollars in American Rescue PLan money, but according to Director Leon Guerrero, this money is only available until 2024. The hiring of these additional staff members will cost approximately another 593,053 in salary and benefits annually.

Damen Michael PNC News First.