District Court Case Regarding Plebiscite Scheduled


Dave Davis is suing GOVGUAM for what Davis calls discrimination within Guam’s Decolonization Registry.

An update in the case of Dave Davis and his fight against GovGuam to change who gets to vote on Guam’s political status.


The trial date for the district court case, Davis v Guam, has been set. According to district court papers, the trial is set to begin on July 25th of 2016. Davis’ lawsuit challenges voter restriction on Guam’s plebiscite for the territory’s political status. Davis is alleging that the term “native inhabitants of Guam,” a term used to determine who can vote for the plebiscite, is discriminatory. Davis is not a Chamorro. District court judge Frances Tydingco-Gatewood initially denied Davis’ lawsuit but the ninth circuit court of appeals overturned her ruling. Tydingco-Gatewood is set to preside over the new lawsuit.