DL Perez Elementary students “Jump for the Heart” to raise awareness about heart disease


Guam – The Guam Department of Education hopes to kill two birds with one stone this month by raising awareness about heart disease while raising funds for schools.

Nearly two dozen schools are participating in the event, and this morning, second graders at DL Elementary School in Yigo learned about the importance of heart health through being active. Principal Doctor Kelly Sukola said they had a lot of energy!

“So we had the dancing in the beginning, we had the balls toss, a kind of a race activity that we did, and some of them were jump roping,” said Dr. Sukola

She added that although only one class got a chance to get their hearts pumping today, all grade levels will get a chance to participate as well.

“We’re doing it school-wide. But today we just did the activity with second graders; on Tuesday, we did the activity with kindergartners and first grade, then we’re going to continue doing the activities throughout the month of February,” added Sukola.

Sukola says that a representative from the American Heart Association did a presentation with the student and spoke to them about the importance of physical activity.

Pupils also learned about healthy lifestyle practices such as healthy eating, drinking water, reducing salt, and avoiding tobacco and other harmful substances. S

ukola says this is also a fundraising activity and that some of the funds will go back to the schools to help buy PE equipment. The rest of the funds will be benefit the AHA and children throughout the nation suffering from special heart conditions.