DMHSA Federal Managers Spend Over $30K Of Their Own Money On Group Homes


Guam- The Federal Management Team of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse has spent over $30 thousand dollars of its own money for improvements to residential group homes.

Federal Manager Jim Casey says they are waiting to get reimbursed for most of the money, but they expect never to see at least $5 thousand dollars. Casey says he wasn’t going to mention anything until he heard of recent media reports claiming his management team is eating free lunches on the government’s dime. In the long run, Casey hopes that people will actually see they are doing the right thing in making the quality of life better for consumers and not letting staff go without pay for 2 months.

“In my humble opinion, I just think that I’m doing the right thing by both the staff not waiting 2 months without a paycheck…consumers, lets reward them” said Casey. “ Lets not have to go through a procurement process, when I could just take the money out of my pocket and get the air conditioners fixed right now.”

The Federal Management Team is comprised of Casey and Dr. James Kiffer. They were appointed by District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall in February for mental health to comply with and implement the amended permanent injunction. The team is waiting for the judge to approve their plan of action at the next quarterly status hearing, scheduled for September 9.