Labor Costs for 4 Member DMHSA Federal Management Team Nearly $56,000 A Month


Guam – District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall has approved a  September payment of  nearly $56-thousand dollars in labor costs for the 4 members of the Federal Management team that are implementing her orders to improve conditions at the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse.

The breakdown of the payments for the 4 employees for the month of  September alone is:

Attorney James J. Casey, J.D.          123.7 hrs @ $200 hr                 $24,740.00

Dr. James J. Kiffer, PhD                  129.1 hrs @ $200 hr                 $25,820.00

Teressa M. Cruz
Administrative Services Officer        143.3 hrs @ $24.15 hr             $   3,460.70

Dominique C. Escoto
Receptionist                                     135.0 hrs @ $ 13.50 hr             $  1,822.50

September TOTAL:                                                                           $55,843.20

Less 10% retainage fee held in Trust                                                 ($5,584.32)

The September invoice for the DMHSA Team was approved by District Court Judge Consuelo Marshall.

Read the September invoice for the DMHSA Federal Management team             

Judge Marshall used the same language that District Court Judge Francis Tyduingco-Gatewood uses when approving similar labor invoices from the Federal Receiver building the new Lazon Landfill. The Judge called it “reasonable.”

Read Judge Marshall’s order approving the payment

The $200 dollar hourly rate for each of the Federal Managers is $60 dollars an hour less than what the Senior Managers of  Federal Receiver Gershman, Brickner and Bratton [GBB] are making for their oversight of the construction of the new landfill in Lazon.

GBB President Harvey Gershman and Special Principal Associate David Manning are making $260 dollars an hour.

Read the most recent GBB Invoice

GBB’s August invoice shows:

Harvey  Gershman                              9.75 hrs @ $260.00                        $  2,535.00

David Manning
Special Principal Associate             182      hrs @ $260.00                       $47,320.00