Federal Management Team Says Objections to Their Plan of Action Are “Points Well Taken”


Guam – The Federal Management Team assigned to bring the Department of Mental Health into compliance with Federal Court orders, is welcoming the recently filed comments and objections to their Plan of Action from various stakeholders interested in the ongoing reforms at the Department.

In its Preliminary Response to a report filed last week by Attorney Daniel Somerfleck, Federal Manager James Casey writes that “many of the proffered suggestions are points well taken,”  and he states that “the FMT intends to take all submissions under review.”

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Last week, the Attorney that launched the lawsuit against the Guam Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse that resulted in the appointment of the Federal Management Team filed a series of comments and objections to the very plan devised by the Federal Managers.

In the report, Attorney Daniel Somerfleck faults the Federal Managers “for not affording consumers [DMHSA patients] the opportunity to provide input” to the Plan of Action they devised and the District Court has already approved. And he concluded that the decision by the Federal Managers to exclude the Plaintiff and consumers from the process of drafting  the plan makes the Plan “a deeply flawed instrument.”

Read the objections to the DMHSA Plan of Action

However Casey writes that “In lieu of taking a posture which might very well be construed as defensive, in terms of responding to individual perceptions concerning involvement in the formulation of the plan … the FMT intends to take all submission under review.”

But Casey says that he and Dr. Kiffer will “fastidiously review all submissions, tailor the Plan, incorporating changes where needed.”