DMHSA Seeks Youth Suicide Prevention Grant


Guam – The Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse has submitted a federal grant application to the Guam State Clearinghouse (GSC) requesting $480,000 a year for three years from the Department of Health and Human Services Center for Mental Health Services.

The grant, the Garrett Lee Smith Memorial Act Youth Suicide Prevention Grant, with CFDA number 93.243, has a projected start date of October 1,2011 and ends on September 30, 2014.

 This program will support on-going efforts and will continue to lead in the accomplishment of identified goals and objectives in the Focus on Life – Guam Youth Suicide Prevention Project. Using the GSC State Application Identifier 02311021110Y, a summary of the application may be viewed or downloaded upon request.

For the submission of public comments or to obtain a digital version of the grant application for review, please contact Sahara J. Defensor via email to within fifteen (15) days of this notice.