DOA adopts advanced check processing system

(PNC file photo)

The Department of Administration (DOA) announces that it will be implementing an advanced check processing system.

The advanced check processing system involves self-sealer checks to minimize manual processing and increase efficiency. This will reduce the amount of time it takes to process and mail checks.

The first recipients of these checks will be Department of Labor unemployment claimants who have chosen to receive their payments by check. Recipients should detach and deposit only the check section of the document with their financial institution.

DOA will expand the use of this check form to other types of payments in the future.

“The Department of Administration and Department of Labor have worked hard to establish a process to ensure that checks are mailed to recipients as fast as possible”, said DOA Director Edward Birn. “The new style checks can be processed much more quickly as they are machine sealed and do not require separate stuffing and postage.”

(Adelup news release)